Three UIR Students Successfully Bring Home WYIIA 2022 Gold Medals

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Three students of the Faculty of Law, Civil Engineering Study Program, Universitas Islam Riau became representatives of Universitas Islam Riau and managed to get two award categories at once at the World Youth Invention and Innovation Award event which took place from August 21 to August 26, 2022 at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. Three students of the Faculty of Engineering are Juheri Riski, Viki Pratama, Al Fikri, and Muhammad Roihan.

The World Youth Invention and Innovation Award 2022 is an international platform for local and international inventors and research scientists to present their inventions and innovations to academics and the business community interested in commercializing unique inventions. Through discovery competitions where local and international awards are awarded.

The objectives of holding the 2022 World Youth Invention and Innovation Award competition include:

  1. Creating innovation events to foster the creativity of international students.
  2. Develop scientific research skills and a spirit of innovation among international students.
  3. Exchange experiences of innovation and discovery between students around the world.
  4. Give appreciation and appreciation to all inventors, innovators and to all who contribute to our better world through discovery, innovation and science projects.

The UIR students who became representatives won two award medals in two different categories, namely one Gold Medal and one IYSA Special Award category, for the same research, namely "Utilization of Coconut Shell as Substitute for Comment on the Compressive Strength and Tensile Strength of Concentrate". They really thank all parties at the Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Study Program, Universitas Islam Riau.

"Of course we are very happy because we can bring the name of Universitas Islam Riau in the international arena and are proud to be able to represent the campus, there we can meet and compete with several other students and it is a pleasant moment. We are very grateful to the Rector, Civil Engineering study program, Dean and UIR leaders who have supported our activities," said Juheri

"Our plan in the future will certainly continue to look for and research new things so that if there is an opportunity, it is hoped that the research can be included again in other national and international competitions, so that Riau Islamic University becomes a campus that actively participates in student activities at the national and international levels," he said (kh / dh / hms)

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