Eliminating Hundreds of Teams from 17 Countries, MAN 2 Gresik Wins Gold Medal in International KTI Competition at WYIIA 2023

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Successfully exuding the spirit of innovation, the MAN 2 Gresik Scientific Writing Team (KTI), consisting of four students from class XII MIPA 1, has won a gold medal at the prestigious World Youth Invention and Innovation Award (WYIIA) 2023. They won a gold award for KTI entitled "E-Receipt: Eco Receipt Innovation based on Soiled Rice and Sugarcane Bagasse" in a competition organized by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) and Universitas Sarjana Wiyata Tamansiswa (UST) from 10 to 14 October 2023 at Universitas Sarjana Wiyata Tamansiswa (UST), Yogyakarta.

The competition, which was attended by 387 teams from 17 different countries, highlighted the scientific brilliance and innovation of the youth. The KTI MAN 2 Gresik team, led by Cindy Elysia Elora as chairman, won the gold medal after passing a series of rigorous selections. Their KTI, "E-Receipt," illustrates ecological innovation in electronic receipts based on rice dregs and bagasse

Receipt : Eco Receipt Innovation based on Soiled Rice and Sugarcane Bagasse Cindy Elysia Elora XII-MIPA 1 (Chairman) Nabilla Istiqomah XII-MIPA 1 Andini Pramesti Anwar XII-MIPA 1 Fanisa Andini XII-MIPA 1

KTI "E-Receipt" is not just an ordinary scientific paper, but also a real solution to reduce the negative impact of using paper in acceptance. By combining abundant rice bagasse and the often overlooked sugarcane bagasse, the KTI MAN 2 Gresik team has created a concept that allows businesses and institutions to switch to more environmentally friendly e-receipts

This success is a clear proof of the extraordinary ability and dedication of the KTI MAN 2 Gresik team. They not only face competitors from all over the world, but also champion sustainability and environmental values. In an exclusive communication, Cindy Elysia Elora, team leader, stated, "We are very happy with this achievement, and we hope that our innovations can help drive positive change in society."

Drs. H. Samari, MM, as the Head of MAN 2 Gresik expressed his pride for the achievements of the KTI team. "This achievement is the result of the hard work and commitment of our students. It also shows that education at MAN 2 Gresik is not only about textbooks, but also about encouraging critical thinking, innovation, and social responsibility," he said

The success of the KTI MAN 2 Gresik team at the WYIIA 2023 event is not only an achievement for their school, but also for Gresik and Indonesia in the international scientific world. They are inspiring examples for Indonesian youths who have great potential in facing global challenges with innovative solutions. (ono)

source from : https://dorronlinenews.com/2023/10/singkirkan-ratusan-tim-dari-17-negara-man-2-gresik-raih-medali-emas-lomba-kti-internasional-di-wyiia-2023