UB Student Team Wins Gold Medal at WYIIA 2022

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The UB student team consisting of Imas Hidayati (S1 Physics), I Putu Arta Yasa (S1 Industrial Engineering), Nur Ma'rifatud Diniyah (S1 Physics), I Made Kamajaya Ariestuta (D3 Information Technology), Dhea Zalfarani Syah Munir Putri (S1 Information Technology Education) won a gold medal award in the field of technology at the 2022 World Youth Invention and Innovation Award (WYIIA).

The competition, organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta in collaboration with IYSA (Indonesian Young Scientist Association) on August 22 – 26, 2022, was attended by 254 teams from 26 countries.

Taking place in a hybrid manner, participating countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Macedonia, Turkey, India, South Africa, Iran, Puerto Rico, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Mexico, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Bulgaria, Serbia, Philippines, and USA.

The UB student team guided by Riswan Septriyadi Sianturi, S.Si., MM., M.Sc., Ph.D. presented their innovation entitled "Smart Forest Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor Network as Anticipation of Fires to Maintain Forest Conservation in Indonesia".

"It is an innovation to prevent or monitor forest fires with smart technology based on wireless sensor networks used to detect information on hot spots or hotspots known as hotspots through sensor nodes," said team leader Imas Hidayati.The team stated that the design analysis or prototype they made showed better performance than the current standard forest fire monitoring tools through several key parameters.

Among them are the ability of devices to transmit and receive data, the possibility of data loss, the completeness of technological tools, and human detection capabilities.The components used include DHT22 sensors, MCU node microcontrollers, user monitoring, MQ135 sensors, and Zigbee transceivers. The sensor functions to collect temperature, humidity, and gas level data.The data will then be sent to the coordinator node and forwarded to the gateway node to be displayed via PC monitors, laptops, or even mobile phones. Smart Forest Monitoring innovation is expected to overcome the problem of conserving forests in Indonesia.

source from :https://industri.ub.ac.id/ub-student-team-achieve-gold-medal-at-wyiia-2022/?lang=id